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Doddridge County Roots
Likely reasons for anyone to contact us would include informing us of an error or
omission, to report a broken link or suggest a new one, or to send along a photo.  
We'd be happy to hear from you for other purposes as well.

Errors and Inaccuracies

The accuracy of our information is of paramount importance to us.  We have been
careful to include only that information for which we have a high degree of
confidence.  We are well aware of the phenomenon of an inaccuracy being passed
around the online genealogical community to such an extent that it becomes
accepted as fact.  We have therefore documented specific original sources as much
as possible and have pointed out numerous instances of conflicting information
from various sources.

If you notice anything that you know to be incorrect, please let us know and we will fix
it.  All we ask is that you include your original source for that information so that we
can properly document it ourselves.  If it's someone in your immediate family, that
speaks for itself.


This is not intended to be a genealogy of the entire county of Doddridge.  There are
many prominent Doddridge County families that receive scant attention here
because of their limited connection to our Gastons and Husks.  On the other hand,
this is much more than the simple family tree of Gastons and Husks that it started
out to be.  The omission of some remotely connected persons is inevitable, but not
necessarily lamentable.  In any event, every single person we include is linked in
some way, however distant and convoluted, to our original Gastons and Husks.

With this in mind, if you notice an omission which would likely be of interest to us, or
which you consider to be significant, please let us know.

Feedback Appreciated

Regardless of the topic, we'd love to hear from you.  Whether it's a quick comment or
something more involved where a reply is expected, you can easily reach us via the
Email Me link above.  Hearing from you is the only way we know how we're doing.
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