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Military Veterans of Doddridge County
Spanish-American War
Desert Storm
War on Terror
The Veterans Memorial Project
In association with the Doddridge County Heritage Guild, this website has undertaken a
project to create a digital version of the Doddridge County Veterans Memorial Wall of
Honor that has stood on the court house lawn in West Union for decades.

The original Honor Roll of Doddridge County veterans was hand-painted on the
wooden wall by the Ladies Auxiliaries of veterans organizations, with updates to be
added as needed.  This Wall of Honor was later enclosed behind glass.  The veterans'
names are listed alphabetically, and grouped by war.  Inserting new names and
changing incorrect entries proved to be difficult, and space for adding the names of
veterans of the current generation is at a premium.  As a solution, three LED displays
were installed several years ago and  programmed to continuously scroll the names of
all the veterans entitled to be inscribed on the wall.

The Veterans Memorial Wall of Honor is a prominent and revered landmark in
Doddridge County, so it seemed only natural to use it as a motif when adding a military
page to our website.  But we wanted to have more than just another list of names.  As
genealogists and historians, our idea was to recognize and honor each veteran as a
person, not just a name.  The approach is to create a "digital plaque" for each veteran,
with a very brief description of his/her military service, as well as a photograph if
available.  Placed into one of three groups according to time of service, the plaques are
displayed above in continuous slideshows.  Each slideshow can be viewed fullscreen,
with the ability to scroll ahead or back, and to pause on a specific veteran's entry.  At six
seconds per slide, viewing the entire WW II slideshow would require about one hour.  
The other two, containing far fewer entries, would take about 20 minutes each.

This is an ambitious undertaking, to say the least.  Our primary resource is a list of
2,200 names of Doddridge County veterans, grouped by their service in one of four
wars, with no other clues.  Civil War and Spanish-American War veterans were not
included.  The challenge now is to match the listed names with real people, determine
their military service and Doddridge County connection, try to find a suitable photograph,
and then create the digital plaque.  With the project only about
70% complete, we have
found many names impossible to identify, while also discovering some veterans who
should have been listed but weren't, and a few others whose connection to the county is
questionable.  We have also opted to include any Civil War and Spanish-American War
veterans who become known to us.

This is where we ask for your help.  You can access that same
list of Doddridge County
veterans on a page of the WVGenWeb.  There will probably be people who you know on
that list, or maybe you're on the more current one yourself.  If you have information or a
photograph for any listed veteran, and you see that he/she is missing from the
slideshow above, or that their entry is lacking in some way, or that a rightful name is
missing from the list, please
email us with what you have.  Or you can send it by regular
mail or drop it off in person, all explained in the optional
WORKSHEET provided for your
convenience.  Please send only copies of any photos or documents, not originals.

Your support of this project is greatly appreciated.  We want to do right by our veterans,
just as they did right for our country.

No Drums, No Bugles
This 1971 film stars Martin Sheen as a
conscientious objector hiding in
Doddridge County during the Civil War.  
Filmed on location, it was written &
directed by
Clyde Ware, a Doddridge
native whose credits include the movie
Coward of the County and the television
Gunsmoke and Bonanza.
Navigating the Slideshows

Your browser must have Adobe Flash
enabled.  The slideshows are not viewable
on tablets or smartphones.

The three slideshows will run continuously
at the rate of about ten images per minute.  
Clicking the plus (+) or minus (-), or pressing
your keyboard's right or left arrow keys, will
move to the next or previous slide and will
also disable the automatic advance.  To
resume the automatic advance, click on
the "Play" button.

To navigate to a specific slide, click first on
the "Full Screen" button at the right, then
on the "Gallery" button at the left.  This will
display six thumbnails representing groups
of 20 slides each, arranged alphabetically.  
Click on "Next Screen" or "Previous
Screen" until you have located the group
containing the desired slide.  Clicking on
that group will display the first slide within
it, with thumbnails of all 20 along the
bottom of the screen.  Hovering your cursor
over the thumbnails will identify them, and
you may then click on the desired slide.  
Alternatively, you may simply wait the few
moments until the slideshow advances to it

The software we must use to display the
three simultaneous searchable slideshows
is admittedly rather quirky.  But once you
become familiar with the controls, you'll
find that navigating the slideshows is really
quite easy.  We hope that you receive
some benefit and enjoyment from the
experience, and that you appreciate our
continuing effort to recognize and honor
the veterans of Doddridge County.