Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Benson, Harrison Co, WV



Latitude: 39.1620345, Longitude: -80.5517621


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Lester I.  26 Jun 1906Benson, Harrison Co, WV I92518
2 BAILEY, Carr  CA 1837Benson, Harrison Co, WV I58994
3 BAILEY, Clive Vernon  7 Jun 1896Benson, Harrison Co, WV I104093
4 BAILEY, Gayford  20 Jul 1903Benson, Harrison Co, WV I107752
5 BAILEY, Harper S.  24 Jan 1894Benson, Harrison Co, WV I107750
6 BAILEY, Joseph H.  28 Dec 1909Benson, Harrison Co, WV I122376
7 BAILEY, Thelma Jean  5 Feb 1912Benson, Harrison Co, WV I114293
8 BAILEY, Vera Mae  31 Jan 1903Benson, Harrison Co, WV I93892
9 BROWN, Amaretta Velossa  1 Jun 1857Benson, Harrison Co, WV I105893
10 CARDER, Manerva Emily  12 Jan 1849Benson, Harrison Co, WV I79083
11 CLEMANS, Belva Gay  CA 1886Benson, Harrison Co, WV I56347
12 CLEMANS, Lora  16 Jun 1917Benson, Harrison Co, WV I125814
13 COFFINDAFFER, Hazel Dale  CA 1898Benson, Harrison Co, WV I23932
14 COFFINDAFFER, Mamie Faye  Aug 1896Benson, Harrison Co, WV I48790
15 COFFINDAFFER, Wade Hampton  19 Aug 1881Benson, Harrison Co, WV I43279
16 FREEMAN, Buie Clarice  27 Nov 1907Benson, Harrison Co, WV I26678
17 HITT, Odius  31 Dec 1888Benson, Harrison Co, WV I122920
18 MASON, Charles Abraham  15 Apr 1883Benson, Harrison Co, WV I56268
19 MAXSON, Jerry Lee  18 May 1939Benson, Harrison Co, WV I100912
20 MCCLAIN, Willard Hector  7 Jun 1895Benson, Harrison Co, WV I81910
21 MOORE, Clarence Arlett Jr.  16 Sep 1925Benson, Harrison Co, WV I101445
22 RAMAGE, Benjamin Dorsey  19 Mar 1894Benson, Harrison Co, WV I108527
23 RICHARDS, Frank  21 Apr 1917Benson, Harrison Co, WV I53138
24 RICHARDS, Fred  7 Sep 1915Benson, Harrison Co, WV I61152
25 RICHARDS, Harry  29 Apr 1912Benson, Harrison Co, WV I65265
26 RYMER, Carrie Opal  14 Jul 1902Benson, Harrison Co, WV I20014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, William Orie  22 Jul 1966Benson, Harrison Co, WV I84953
2 BAILEY, George G.  27 Apr 1935Benson, Harrison Co, WV I107745
3 BLAKE, Mary E. "Mollie"  22 Aug 1921Benson, Harrison Co, WV I107746
4 BROHARD, Writie Marilla  1 Dec 1905Benson, Harrison Co, WV I87141
5 CARDER, Susan Frances  20 Aug 1906Benson, Harrison Co, WV I83587
6 CARDER, William Asa  28 Feb 1930Benson, Harrison Co, WV I67075
7 DAVIS, Wavelene  16 Mar 1932Benson, Harrison Co, WV I102999
8 DENNISON, James Arden  2 Jul 1923Benson, Harrison Co, WV I91216
9 HITT, Hattie Julia  6 Jan 1938Benson, Harrison Co, WV I93894
10 STRALEY, Nancy Catherine  21 Mar 1904Benson, Harrison Co, WV I104086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 RYMER, John W.  Benson, Harrison Co, WV I57311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BOWEN, Corbley Pierce  1915Benson, Harrison Co, WV I112778
2 BURNSIDE, Stephen Minter  1906Benson, Harrison Co, WV I87139
3 CLEMANS, Lettie  1902Benson, Harrison Co, WV I68647
4 SUTTON, Iva Goldie  1934Benson, Harrison Co, WV I45132


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GUM / NUTTER  19 May 1892Benson, Harrison Co, WV F36496
2 PALMER / NUTTER  1 Dec 1897Benson, Harrison Co, WV F43299
3 WARD / CLEMANS  27 Apr 1907Benson, Harrison Co, WV F23341