Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Berea, Ritchie Co, WV



Latitude: 39.1364726, Longitude: -80.9337187


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BATSON, Gerald L.  17 Jan 1901Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23851
2 BEE, Bernard Wilson  26 Apr 1902Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52533
3 BEE, Bessie Falsom  19 Mar 1893Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I44782
4 BEE, Claude  14 Jun 1931Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I45662
5 BEE, Conza  4 Jul 1906Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23648
6 BEE, Darthea Virginia  8 Jan 1885Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I21646
7 BEE, Dayda Fraud  3 Jan 1900Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48049
8 BEE, Elton D.  12 Jun 1876Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I47616
9 BEE, Emma Celina  29 Aug 1861Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I43106
10 BEE, Ethelyn Mae  18 Oct 1919Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23700
11 BEE, Eva Alice  14 Jan 1874Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I47493
12 BEE, Fernando Harl  22 Feb 1873Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I28691
13 BEE, Forest Thurman  28 Feb 1906Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I21641
14 BEE, Frances Virginia  14 Jun 1913Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I90533
15 BEE, Glen Ernest  4 Jun 1908Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I1014
16 BEE, Harry Segar  18 Aug 1898Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52460
17 BEE, Howard Ralph  1 Nov 1913Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48319
18 BEE, June "Junie"  15 Jun 1894Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48048
19 BEE, Laura Claracie  30 May 1890Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I28591
20 BEE, Lida Ula  8 Aug 1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I21642
21 BEE, Margaret A. "Maggie"  4 Jul 1856Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I49252
22 BEE, Martha Ova  14 Aug 1887Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52627
23 BEE, Mary Elizabeth  14 Aug 1887Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I64338
24 BEE, Orazs Creed  24 Nov 1889Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23690
25 BEE, Orestes Earl "Ressie"  29 Dec 1887Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I67643
26 BEE, Owen Ulysses  19 Apr 1884Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23685
27 BEE, Raymond N.  27 Jun 1864Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I43105
28 BEE, Rosa Dale  22 Feb 1887Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23687
29 BEE, Roscoe C.  Jan 1888Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I28590
30 BEE, Ruble  22 Nov 1903Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I67298
31 BEE, Vesta J.  19 Sep 1880Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52350
32 BEE, Walter Ezra  13 Jul 1886Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I45663
33 BEE, Wilma Farena  2 Jun 1909Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52469
34 BOND, Charity Prudence  25 May 1858Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I47801
35 BOND, Lura Havila  27 Aug 1882Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I65361
36 BONNELL, Arleta Mae  16 Jan 1930Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I9285
37 BONNELL, Charles Wesley  9 Jan 1893Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I57599
38 BONNELL, Dortha Lee  9 May 1925Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48843
39 BONNELL, Leona M.  14 Nov 1921Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I75233
40 BONNELL, Orville Robert "Bud"  10 Apr 1923Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I75234
41 BONNELL, Willa Dean  5 Aug 1928Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I27728
42 BRAKE, Hosea Wayne  26 Sep 1897Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I22784
43 BRISSEY, Grover Stephen  20 Mar 1893Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I53688
44 BRISSEY, Larry Gene  13 Nov 1942Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I104913
45 BRISSEY, Sylvia Irene  20 Aug 1936Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I41208
46 BRITTON, Denver M.  4 Apr 1924Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I40318
47 BRITTON, Denzil Carlton  15 Jan 1928Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I40319
48 BRITTON, Forest  30 Jul 1909Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I35722
49 BRITTON, Franklin Harold  25 Jan 1946Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I26801
50 BRITTON, Glenn  9 May 1912Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I59612

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Daisy Alma  25 May 1952Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I38065
2 BEE, Estee  28 Dec 1926Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I41853
3 BEE, Ezekiel  20 Feb 1893Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29522
4 BEE, Fernando Harl  23 Sep 1943Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I28691
5 BEE, John Nelson  13 Sep 1921Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I26159
6 BEE, Leonidas "Lonnie"  28 Dec 1966Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I9280
7 BEE, Lowell Gladys  23 May 1939Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48318
8 BEE, Walter Ezra  1 Oct 1943Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I45663
9 BIRD, Andrew W.  6 Dec 1961Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I68064
10 BLAND, Perdilla  9 May 1917Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I26160
11 BRITTON, John Cramer  29 Jul 1921Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I12805
12 BRITTON, Stella  23 Aug 1957Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I58505
13 BUSH, Henderson P.  19 Apr 1926Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I104410
14 BYRD, Leonard Ross  31 Mar 2012Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I62826
15 CANTWELL, Betty Virginia  28 Mar 2007Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I1573
16 CLARK, Effilee  22 Apr 1934Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I105440
17 CLARK, Mary Melissa  29 Apr 1914Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I21644
18 CLAYTON, Euphamy  27 Sep 1884Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I54180
19 DAVIS, Clara Ingaby  1 Jun 1900Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I10996
20 DOAK, Opal  26 Mar 2014Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I75237
21 GASTON, Susan  3 Dec 1890Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I1383
22 GOFF, Floyd Penic  29 Oct 1931Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I55817
23 GOFF, Mary Sophronia  27 Jun 1936Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29703
24 GOODWIN, Henry H.  3 Mar 1880Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29693
25 GRIBBLE, Mabel Irene  25 May 1991Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I533
26 GRIBBLE, William V.  25 Jun 1950Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I99575
27 HADDOX, Delcie  25 Jun 1950Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I55489
28 HINZMAN, Jay Goodlow  21 Jan 1982Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17182
29 HUGHES, Sudna  1829Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29157
30 HUSK, Sarah Anne  25 Dec 1889Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I781
31 JONES, David Haynes  30 Jul 1930Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I1482
32 JONES, Ernest Elias "Ernie"  18 Sep 1948Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I1484
33 JONES, Joshua  9 May 1936Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I35976
34 KELLEY, Carl  10 Feb 1924Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I107814
35 LOWTHER, Decatur  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I32402
36 LOWTHER, Jesse Madison  15 Nov 1855Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I32403
37 LOWTHER, Sophia Margaret "Peggy"  IN YOUTHBerea, Ritchie Co, WV I32401
38 LOWTHER, Sophronia Ellen  25 Feb 1922Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I28972
39 LUZADER, Winfield Scott  27 Jul 1934Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I10984
40 MALEY, Agnes A.  14 Mar 1963Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I76569
41 MAXSON, Bessie Grace  26 Mar 1951Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I75229
42 MEATHRELL, John Edward  12 Nov 1928Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52336
43 OVERFIELD, Martin  17 Sep 1883Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I8656
44 PERRIN, Clara Ann  3 Dec 1939Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I61546
45 PERRIN, Roscoe Iber  11 Sep 1961Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I61957
46 PHILLIPS, Lydia A.  31 Mar 1935Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I114847
47 PHILLIPS, Thomas Deem  23 Mar 1936Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I114848
48 RANDOLPH, Calfurnia F.  26 Oct 1948Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52337
49 RANDOLPH, Harold Fitz  1 Jan 1899Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I106629
50 RANDOLPH, Randal Fitz  3 Apr 1908Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I89059

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BATSON, Claren H.  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I31968
2 BATSON, Eldred Helmer  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I47525
3 BATSON, Gerald L.  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23851
4 BEE, Albert Franklin  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29527
5 BEE, Arden James  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52406
6 BEE, Azariah  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I34165
7 BEE, Benjamine A.  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52398
8 BEE, Blake  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I49183
9 BEE, Dottie Elmina  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I47171
10 BEE, Elza Hayes  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I36165
11 BEE, Ernest Kay  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I56263
12 BEE, Eusebius L. "Sebe"  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I9342
13 BEE, Frances Virginia  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I90533
14 BEE, Georgia  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52397
15 BEE, Hazel Chloe  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23689
16 BEE, Hertha E.  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23688
17 BEE, Howard Ralph  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48319
18 BEE, Ivy Myrtle  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23819
19 BEE, Izora  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23647
20 BEE, Luther  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52399
21 BEE, Mary O.  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52411
22 BEE, Roy A.  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I36164
23 BEE, Ru  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I56265
24 BEE, Sada Florence  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I62706
25 BEE, Ural G.  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I56261
26 BEE, Ventol Marvin  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52396
27 BLAND, Perdilla  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I26160
28 BONNELL, Arleta Mae  1940Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I9285
29 BONNELL, Charles Berkley  1940Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I42254
30 BONNELL, Dortha Lee  1940Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48843
31 BONNELL, Ernest Ray  1940Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I42253
32 BONNELL, Leona M.  1940Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I75233
33 BONNELL, Morata Olive  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I37817
34 BONNELL, Orville Robert "Bud"  1940Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I75234
35 BONNELL, Wilma Irene  1940Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I60793
36 CHUMLEY, Harden Washington  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I51099
37 COLLINS, Ima  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I8192
38 CUNNINGHAM, Ronolda Lee  1940Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I53908
39 GAULDIN, Missouri F.  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I14869
40 GOFF, Blanche  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48100
41 HADDOX, Sarah A.  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29531
42 HINZMAN, Anna Lora "Annie"  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17189
43 HINZMAN, Eathen Egbert "Tom"  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17180
44 HINZMAN, Jerusha Ernestine  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I12779
45 HINZMAN, Joseph Richard  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29797
46 HINZMAN, Louie Earl  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17191
47 HINZMAN, Mellie Pearl  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17186
48 HINZMAN, Wanita Lee  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17187
49 HINZMAN, Willard Earsel  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17190
50 HOFF, Rebecca Jane  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I9330

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ASHBURN, Jetta L.  1916Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I77212
2 BARTLETT, Daisy Alma  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I38065
3 BATSON, William Harrison  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I40721
4 BEE, Albert D.  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I21643
5 BEE, Arthur Green  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I23068
6 BEE, Asa II  From 1836Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29564
7 BEE, Clara Maude  1901Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I53766
8 BEE, Cordelia D.  1911Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29134
9 BEE, Elizabeth  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I32682
10 BEE, Ersel George  1943Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48317
11 BEE, Estee  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I41853
12 BEE, Ezekiel  Aft 1857Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29522
13 BEE, Ezekiel Garfield  1911Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I26005
14 BEE, Forest Thurman  1966Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I21641
15 BEE, Joanna Virginia  1906Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I56539
16 BEE, Joel Green  1904Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I40459
17 BEE, John Davis  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I30309
18 BEE, Josiah  SINCE 1859Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29570
19 BEE, Leonidas "Lonnie"  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I9280
20 BEE, Mary O.  1907Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I52411
21 BEE, Rosanna N.  1911Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I32706
22 BEE, Ruth A.  1966, 83Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17497
23 BEE, Ruth A.  1966, 83Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17497
24 BEE, Sada Florence  1907Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I62706
25 BEE, Sally Catherine  1911Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I15877
26 BEE, Thelma D.  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17496
27 BEE, Thelma D.  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I17496
28 BEE, Zeda  1897Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I78159
29 BONNELL, Ernest Ray  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I42253
30 BONNELL, Leona M.  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I75233
31 BRIGHT, Jerusha Angeline  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I82177
32 BRISSEY, Charles Edward  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I104912
33 BRISSEY, Elsie Mae  1920Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I30396
34 BRISSEY, Iva J.  1925Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I104918
35 BRISSEY, Marvin Carl  1948Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I69237
36 BRITTON, Dale  1946Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I26614
37 BRITTON, Forest  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I35722
38 BRITTON, John Cramer  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I12805
39 BRITTON, Stella  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I58505
40 BRITTON, Stella  1917Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I58505
41 BYRD, Leonard Ross  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I62826
42 CALHOUN, Phoebe Jane  1921Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I29675
43 CAMPBELL, Eva Pearl  1925Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I22044
44 CAMPBELL, Opal Brenice  1926Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I65996
45 CANTWELL, Betty Virginia  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I1573
46 CASTO, Caleb Markwood  1910Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I45157
47 CATHER, Mary Virginia  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I98774
48 COLLINS, Creed B.  1902Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48152
49 COLLINS, Ethel  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I48094
50 COLLINS, Ima  Berea, Ritchie Co, WV I8192

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATSON / WADE  10 Sep 1900Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F5673
2 BEE / BELL  14 Jun 1917Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F10854
3 COKELEY / SUTTON  24 Dec 1928Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F18699
4 COX / BEE  30 Jun 1897Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F33460
5 CUTRIGHT / SUTTON  24 May 1919Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F38836
6 FRESHOUR / SMITH  25 Jan 1925Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F19745
7 GOFF / BEE  1 Nov 1898Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F21820
8 HALL / WADE  12 May 1906Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F5676
9 HINZMAN / TYLER  6 Feb 1960Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F14443
10 HUDKINS / MAXSON  4 Nov 1903Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F32125
11 KELLEY / MEEK  9 Sep 1902Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F45206
12 PARKER / BEE  25 Sep 1912Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F10855
13 PRUNTY / JONES  13 Jan 1901Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F30693
14 REED / MALEY  7 Oct 1905Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F32695
15 RYMER / BEE  15 Jan 1901Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F22206
16 SIMMONS / JETT  16 Jun 1922Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F38326
17 SMITH / BEE  1 Mar 1900Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F21599
18 SMITH / COLLINS  9 Apr 1911Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F2928
19 SMITH / WATSON  25 Aug 1901Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F30207
20 SNIDER / PERRIN  19 Mar 1904Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F52255
21 STUTLER / MAXSON  26 Jan 1930Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F32127
22 SUTTON / BEE  28 Sep 1907Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F26839
23 SUTTON / JETT  20 May 1905Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F43746
24 WADE / BEE  30 Mar 1876Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F5671
25 WADE / MICHAEL  9 Jan 1904Berea, Ritchie Co, WV F5672