Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV



Latitude: 39.1273152, Longitude: -80.3828674


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CURTIS, Gene Cayton  30 Mar 1925McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I19673
2 DAVIS, Hugh Calvin  17 May 1927McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76825
3 DROPPLEMAN, James Paul  20 Sep 1911McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I87868
4 EAKLE, Benjamin Wesley  22 Oct 1937McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I123507
5 EAKLE, William Howard  16 Jun 1935McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I123505
6 GOLDEN, Lawrence Willard  28 Mar 1919McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I22037
7 HARRIS, Frances Pauline  17 Dec 1917McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I87663
8 LOUDIN, Gwendolyn Elizabeth  21 Jun 1913McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I82037
9 OCHELTREE, Dora Juanita  21 Dec 1922McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76809
10 OCHELTREE, Ina Mae  21 Mar 1925McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76808
11 OCHELTREE, Lura Evon  8 Sep 1927McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76846
12 OCHELTREE, Thresa Katherine  13 Dec 1933McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76849
13 PERINE, Charles Ervin  7 Jun 1920McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76251
14 PERINE, Opal Genevieve  1 Jul 1918McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I96584
15 PRUNTY, Pearl Phine  14 Nov 1917McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I117700
16 REED, Betty Lucille  8 Sep 1929McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I70181
17 REED, Charles Edward  9 Mar 1925McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I67490
18 REED, Howard Jackson Jr.  10 Nov 1921McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I57221
19 SUTTLE, Clous Link  10 Feb 1907McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I82090
20 SWARTZ, Loristeen Juanita  9 Apr 1930McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I6153
21 SWISHER, Barbara June  19 Dec 1932McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I45404
22 WAGONER, Lala Irene  4 May 1919McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I78835
23 WEST, Hubert Orion "Monk"  4 Dec 1913McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I65537
24 WEST, Mabel Ann  1 Nov 1907McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I24098
25 WOOFTER, James Kenneth  7 Jan 1915McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I23400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLACK, Olive  6 Dec 1926McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I106342
2 CARDER, Emma C.  22 Dec 1946McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74295
3 COPLIN, Henrietta Ellen  23 Nov 1937McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I57299
4 FOX, Lucy May  19 Nov 1942McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I107958
5 GASTON, Charles Hornor  28 Feb 1960McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I3196
6 HEFNER, Margaret Druzella "Maggie"  9 Dec 1966McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I91219
7 JACOBS, Amaziah B.  23 Nov 1936McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I52725
8 MCWHORTER, Daniel Grant  7 Jun 1924McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I1681
9 MORRIS, George Gideon  2 Oct 1943McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I105922
10 NUTTER, David Lee  3 Jul 1927McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I41993
11 PERINE, Amizetta  16 Jan 1955McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I88491
12 PERINE, Seymour Norman  28 Mar 1943McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74294
13 PERINE, Theodore Roosevelt  7 Oct 1946McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74291
14 REED, Nora E.  21 Aug 1960McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I63258
15 RIFFLE, Robert Earl  20 Jul 2014McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I93965
16 STALNAKER, Mallie White  31 Jul 1938McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I57220
17 SUTTON, Canzada  20 Jul 1951McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I20599
18 WARNER, Ralph Hill  6 Jun 1998McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74290


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALLMAN, Russell Jr.  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76810
2 ASHCRAFT, Luther Calvin  1918McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I112099
3 ASHCRAFT, Luther Calvin  1918McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I112099
4 BENNETT, Ivalean  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I62646
5 BLAKE, Earl  1969McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I58009
6 CARDER, Emma C.  1943McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74295
7 CASTO, Audrey Irene  1967McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74289
8 COPLIN, Henrietta Ellen  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I57299
9 COTTRILL, Alda Gay  1925McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74328
10 COTTRILL, Charles R.  1951McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74323
11 COTTRILL, John Robert  1914McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I124583
12 CUNNINGHAM, Jennings Darwin  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I108556
13 DYE, Ella Odessa  1918McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I112100
14 DYE, Ella Odessa  1918McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I112100
15 GASTON, Nannie May  FORMERLYMcWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I1630
16 GIFFORD, Robin Louise  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76878
17 GILLISPIE, Wilma Katherine  1930McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I45401
18 HALL, Nora Melvina  1960McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I3197
19 HARDMAN, Edna Mae  1941McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I57074
20 HARRIS, Asa Elmer  1925McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I87670
21 IRELAND, Flora Eileen  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I93964
22 LOWTHER, Lura Gay  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I46400
23 LOWTHER, Lura Gay  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I46400
24 MCWHORTER, Mary Lucille  2012McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I72502
25 MCWHORTER, Mary Lucille  2012McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I72502
26 MCWHORTER, Nathan Goff  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I5086
27 MCWHORTER, William D.  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I78833
28 NUTTER, Evelyn Mary  1926McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I91298
29 OCHELTREE, Dora Juanita  1944McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76809
30 OCHELTREE, Lura Evon  1946McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76846
31 OCHELTREE, Madelene Ann  1935McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76843
32 OCHELTREE, Oscar Hill  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I46407
33 OCHELTREE, Pauline Margaret  1944McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76844
34 OCHELTREE, Thresa Katherine  1959McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I76849
35 PARKER, Sarah Opal  1949McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I100564
36 PERINE, Seymour Norman  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74294
37 PERINE, Theodore Roosevelt  1941McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74291
38 REED, Betty Lucille  1948McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I70181
39 REED, Howard Jackson Jr.  1941McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I57221
40 REED, Nora E.  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I63258
41 REED, Velma Virginia  1933McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I63800
42 RIFFLE, Robert Earl  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I93965
43 ROGERS, Mary Annabelle  1944McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I45379
44 RYMER, William Ervin  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I57328
45 SANDS, Frederick Fields  1933McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I94476
46 SANDS, Juanita Gae  1969McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I58008
47 SANFORD, William  1997McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I62650
48 SNIDER, Emory T.  1916McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I88326
49 WAGONER, Lala Irene  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I78835
50 WARNER, Ralph Hill  McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV I74290

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GOWER / STARCHER  9 Aug 1929McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV F28369
2 JARVIS / OCHELTREE  14 Feb 1954McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV F32819
3 PERINE / HARDMAN  1 Feb 1941McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV F31699
4 RIFFLE / IRELAND  3 Nov 1951McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV F40568
5 STOUT / MCWHORTER  16 Jan 1918McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV F33726
6 SWISHER / REED  16 Oct 1948McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV F29667
7 ULLOM / REED  23 Sep 1933McWhorter, Harrison Co, WV F29665