Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Webster Co, WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALKIRE, William L.  CA 1895Webster Co, WV I60801
2 ANDERSON, Conley G.  14 Mar 1896Webster Co, WV I54017
3 ARMENTROUT, Lonnie R.  9 Feb 1906Webster Co, WV I63601
4 ARMENTROUT, Orpha Gay  23 Sep 1899Webster Co, WV I63599
5 ARTHUR, Wilma V. "Dottie"  22 Feb 1930Webster Co, WV I92728
6 BALDWIN, Jesse Willard  18 Nov 1920Webster Co, WV I42870
7 BANKHEAD, Elmer Esker  15 Nov 1906Webster Co, WV I1901
8 BENEDUM, Ella Y.  CA 1874Webster Co, WV I93925
9 BENNETT, Clarence Emery  CA 1913Webster Co, WV I63773
10 BOGGS, Robert Elliott  21 Sep 1882Webster Co, WV I124833
11 BOGGS, Wesley Dale  24 Aug 1907Webster Co, WV I124836
12 BOWYER, Lloyd Gilbert "Gib"  22 Sep 1913Webster Co, WV I25374
13 BRADY, Walter Raleigh  20 Apr 1929Webster Co, WV I128446
14 BRAGG, Francena Rue  CA 1891Webster Co, WV I77238
15 BRAGG, Lena  10 Oct 1907Webster Co, WV I28557
16 BRANNON, Laura A.  CA 1898Webster Co, WV I100120
17 BROOKS, Mary Elizabeth  CA 1894Webster Co, WV I34113
18 BRUFFY, Cecil Nelson  25 Nov 1925Webster Co, WV I18873
19 BUTCHER, Delpha Blanch  2 Aug 1897Webster Co, WV I63504
20 BUTCHER, George W.  Apr 1878Webster Co, WV I63497
21 BUTCHER, Mary Caroline  Mar 1882Webster Co, WV I63499
22 BUTCHER, Myra A.  3 Jun 1880Webster Co, WV I63498
23 BUTCHER, Nora A.  May 1876Webster Co, WV I63496
24 BUTCHER, Preston Randolph  10 Feb 1884Webster Co, WV I63500
25 CARPENTER, John Andrew  CA 1895Webster Co, WV I63884
26 CARPENTER, Robert  CA 1883Webster Co, WV I1353
27 CLEVENGER, Orville Myron  17 May 1905Webster Co, WV I122417
28 COGAR, Eli F.  17 Feb 1871Webster Co, WV I105079
29 COGAR, Emma  CA 1885Webster Co, WV I110418
30 COGAR, Isaac  10 Mar 1865Webster Co, WV I127417
31 COLLINS, Clyde E.  27 Oct 1901Webster Co, WV I69771
32 COLLINS, William W.  1867Webster Co, WV I120147
33 COMPTON, Walter Cleveland "Shorty"  14 Jun 1888Webster Co, WV I83152
34 CONRAD, Boone  CA 1873Webster Co, WV I105078
35 CONRAD, Nina H.  CA 1882Webster Co, WV I97426
36 COOL, Alice J.  CA 1907Webster Co, WV I58717
37 COOL, Lanna Gustava  20 Oct 1917Webster Co, WV I62494
38 CUMMINGS, Ada Conrad  11 Jan 1904Webster Co, WV I128465
39 CUTLIP, L. M.  22 Sep 1874Webster Co, WV I64594
40 CUTLIP, Orpha Gay  9 Jul 1896Webster Co, WV I64593
41 DAVIS, Darvin Owen  8 Jan 1935Webster Co, WV I126964
42 DEAN, Audrey Merle  27 Feb 1914Webster Co, WV I103236
43 DITZEL, George  CA 1903Webster Co, WV I72598
44 DUVALL, Bertha  15 Nov 1886Webster Co, WV I115605
45 FISHER, Eugene Osborne  5 Apr 1917Webster Co, WV I97822
46 FISHER, Vanzie Icephene  21 Jul 1900Webster Co, WV I111362
47 FLEMING, Geraldine  CA 1920Webster Co, WV I111976
48 FOSTER, Alva  CA1916Webster Co, WV I128431
49 GREGORY, Mary Jane  CA 1865Webster Co, WV I28563
50 HALL, Miranda Yale  24 Mar 1907Webster Co, WV I28556

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Stephen Jesse  31 Aug 1909Webster Co, WV I94254
2 ASH, Damon  2 Nov 1929Webster Co, WV I125670
3 BAUGHMAN, David  3 May 1903Webster Co, WV I128452
4 BELCHER, Joda  18 Feb 1961Webster Co, WV I63515
5 COMPTON, Walter Cleveland "Shorty"  26 Oct 1969Webster Co, WV I83152
6 COURTNEY, Wirt Burdell  10 Mar 1942Webster Co, WV I127767
7 DAVIS, Martha B.  12 Nov 1967Webster Co, WV I112973
8 FRUM, Mary  14 Jul 1914Webster Co, WV I94255
9 GOFF, Sarah Margaret  17 Aug 1933Webster Co, WV I77237
10 GREGORY, Curtis  Webster Co, WV I45029
11 GREGORY, Jeanette Jane "Jennie"  20 Oct 1873Webster Co, WV I128479
12 GREGORY, Nancy  11 May 1866Webster Co, WV I128467
13 HALL, John C.  31 Jul 1939Webster Co, WV I28558
14 HAMRICK, Beulah Magdalene  7 Jul 1938Webster Co, WV I128427
15 HAMRICK, Curtis  29 May 1912Webster Co, WV I98975
16 HAMRICK, Eli C. "Rimfire"  1 Apr 1945Webster Co, WV I128482
17 HAMRICK, Peter  16 Jun 1906Webster Co, WV I64645
18 HINKLE, Jerethew  12 Nov 1897Webster Co, WV I125909
19 KINDER, Bertha Ellen  14 Oct 1993Webster Co, WV I128430
20 MCIE, John Andy  5 Dec 1959Webster Co, WV I89748
21 MORAN, Ethel Clara  3 Jul 1946Webster Co, WV I120429
22 PRITCHARD, William Tyler  9 May 1911Webster Co, WV I34194
23 ROBINSON, Thomas Grafton  22 Feb 1941Webster Co, WV I116188
24 TACY, Lina May  28 Oct 1907Webster Co, WV I64566
25 THOMAS, Elizabeth T. "Lizzie"  1 Apr 1955Webster Co, WV I70491
26 WARE, Elvira E. "Belle"  31 Jan 1912Webster Co, WV I64588
27 WOODS, Austin Warden  25 Jun 1965Webster Co, WV I111975


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ASHBURN, Carl M.  1910Webster Co, WV I127415
2 ASHBURN, William Elmore  1910Webster Co, WV I98689
3 BEE, Elza Loie  1880, 1900Webster Co, WV I56262
4 BEE, Margaret A. "Maggie"  1880Webster Co, WV I49252
5 BEE, Ozina M.  1880Webster Co, WV I49253
6 BEE, Zebulon  1880Webster Co, WV I29907
7 BUTCHER, Alma E.  1900, 1910Webster Co, WV I63502
8 BUTCHER, Anna M.  1900, 1910Webster Co, WV I63501
9 BUTCHER, Delpha Blanch  1900, 1910Webster Co, WV I63504
10 BUTCHER, Flora Ogretta  1900, 1910Webster Co, WV I63505
11 BUTCHER, George W.  1900Webster Co, WV I63497
12 BUTCHER, John Hoff  1900, 1910Webster Co, WV I63503
13 BUTCHER, Mary Caroline  1900Webster Co, WV I63499
14 BUTCHER, Myra A.  1900Webster Co, WV I63498
15 BUTCHER, Nora A.  1880, 1900Webster Co, WV I63496
16 BUTCHER, Preston Randolph  1900Webster Co, WV I63500
17 BUTCHER, William J.  1880, 1900, 1910Webster Co, WV I9341
18 CHRISTIAN, Margaret  1920Webster Co, WV I67493
19 DAVIS, Jerry Grandison  1930Webster Co, WV I36318
20 FRUM, Clarissa Jane "Clara"  1910Webster Co, WV I58938
21 GOFF, Sarah Margaret  1900Webster Co, WV I77237
22 HART, Mary Melinda (twin)  1920Webster Co, WV I6365
23 HOFF, Charlotte Columbia  1880, 1900, 1910Webster Co, WV I9329
24 MCGEE, Harriet Allen  1880, 1900Webster Co, WV I29908
25 MOFFETT, Verda Irene  1900Webster Co, WV I77303
26 PRITCHARD, Edna  1920Webster Co, WV I58457
27 SAMPLES, Milton S.  1920Webster Co, WV I14386
28 SAMPLES, Milton S.  1920Webster Co, WV I14386
29 SELMAN, Charles Brooks  1900Webster Co, WV I77227
30 SELMAN, Lorenzo Dow  1900Webster Co, WV I77236
31 STEELE, Burl  1920Webster Co, WV I67491
32 STEELE, Cecil R.  1920Webster Co, WV I67496
33 STEELE, George H.  1920Webster Co, WV I67495
34 STEELE, Ivory W. (Jaunita)  1920Webster Co, WV I67494


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ARMENTROUT, Lonnie R.  1927Webster Co, WV I63601
2 ASHBURN, Fonda F.  1909Webster Co, WV I127414
3 BALDWIN, Sarah Lucinda  1909Webster Co, WV I64569
4 BARKER, Emory Alpha  1912Webster Co, WV I94416
5 BEE, Herman Lewis  1907Webster Co, WV I66695
6 BEE, John Nelson  Webster Co, WV I26159
7 BEE, Ozina M.  Webster Co, WV I49253
8 BELCHER, Joda  Webster Co, WV I63515
9 BENEDUM, Ella Y.  1895Webster Co, WV I93925
10 BENNETT, Frances B.  1908Webster Co, WV I125907
11 BENNETT, Iva Myrtle  1900, 1912Webster Co, WV I125796
12 BOGGS, Robert Elliott  1906Webster Co, WV I124833
13 BROOKS, Mary Elizabeth  1912Webster Co, WV I34113
14 BRYAN, Myrtle Edith  1910Webster Co, WV I85785
15 CLAYBOURNE, George Alexander  1915Webster Co, WV I82013
16 COGAR, Brent  1909Webster Co, WV I127416
17 COGAR, Eli F.  1893Webster Co, WV I105079
18 COGAR, Emma  1903Webster Co, WV I110418
19 COGAR, Emma  1903Webster Co, WV I110418
20 CONLEY, George W. "Willie"  1900, 1908Webster Co, WV I125906
21 CONRAD, Boone  1894Webster Co, WV I105078
22 CONRAD, Nina H.  1907Webster Co, WV I97426
23 COOL, Lanna Gustava  1936Webster Co, WV I62494
24 DAVIS, Carlton Lorenzo  1933Webster Co, WV I126942
25 FISHER, Samuel Isaac  1916Webster Co, WV I97816
26 FLEMING, Frances Elizabeth  1907Webster Co, WV I114263
27 GRIMES, Phoebe Hull  1894Webster Co, WV I89752
28 HAMRICK, Esley Monroe  1922Webster Co, WV I64563
29 HAMRICK, Georgia Ruth  1933Webster Co, WV I126961
30 HAMRICK, John Andrew Jackson  1909Webster Co, WV I64565
31 HAMRICK, Peter  1867Webster Co, WV I64645
32 HAMRICK, Velva May  1927Webster Co, WV I63602
33 HARPER, Norman L.  1900Webster Co, WV I63508
34 HART, Marion Sherman  1912Webster Co, WV I34112
35 HERROD, Ora Lee  1907Webster Co, WV I97424
36 HICKMAN, George B.  1869Webster Co, WV I29281
37 HOOVER, Homer McKinley  1918Webster Co, WV I75315
38 KELLER, Thomas Clifton  1898Webster Co, WV I99487
39 KELLEY, Ethel  1907Webster Co, WV I53622
40 LEWIS, Lydia Jane  1906Webster Co, WV I128032
41 LOSH, Rosella  1911Webster Co, WV I16974
42 LOUGH, Vernie Ethel  1926Webster Co, WV I58266
43 MILLER, Armeda Bliss  1924Webster Co, WV I9203
44 MORAN, Jessie J.  1905Webster Co, WV I120533
45 MORTON, Charles Wesley  1927Webster Co, WV I124959
46 NORRIS, Robert Wallace  1905Webster Co, WV I120534
47 PAYTON, David Elliott  1912Webster Co, WV I89433
48 PAYTON, David Elliott  1912Webster Co, WV I89433
49 PERRINE, Hester Viola  1906Webster Co, WV I124834
50 PHILLIPS, Allie  1898Webster Co, WV I99486

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAUGHMAN / HAMRICK  1917Webster Co, WV F47698
2 BEE / FLEMING  15 Dec 1907Webster Co, WV F48469
3 BOGGS / PERRINE  30 Aug 1906Webster Co, WV F54074
4 CLAYBURN / LEWIS  4 Dec 1906Webster Co, WV F55797
5 COGAR / ASHBURN  16 May 1909Webster Co, WV F55454
6 COGAR / WILLIAMS  19 Sep 1893Webster Co, WV F43824
7 CONLEY / BENNETT  20 Oct 1900Webster Co, WV F54652
8 CONLEY / BENNETT  29 Aug 1908Webster Co, WV F54653
9 CONRAD / WILLIAMS  10 Jun 1894Webster Co, WV F43823
10 DAVIS / HAMRICK  17 Nov 1933Webster Co, WV F55211
11 GRAY / SAMPLES  1927Webster Co, WV F47291
12 HAMRICK / BALDWIN  14 Jul 1909Webster Co, WV F26954
13 HAMRICK / LOUGH  4 Jul 1922Webster Co, WV F26951
14 HARPER / BUTCHER  25 Dec 1900Webster Co, WV F26436
15 HART / BROOKS  6 Mar 1912Webster Co, WV F13389
16 HERROD / CONRAD  31 Aug 1907Webster Co, WV F8452
17 JONES / SPRINGER  11 Jun 1920Webster Co, WV F3707
18 KELLER / PHILLIPS  20 Jan 1898Webster Co, WV F31662
19 LOUGH / CARPENTER  24 Sep 1931Webster Co, WV F26976
20 LOUGH / CUTLIP  1 Mar 1916Webster Co, WV F26969
21 LOUGH / EUBANK  26 Mar 1944Webster Co, WV F26972
22 LUIKART / BUTCHER  11 May 1918Webster Co, WV F26448
23 MCIE / GRIMES  15 Sep 1894Webster Co, WV F38537
24 NORRIS / MORAN  6 Dec 1905Webster Co, WV F51748
25 PAYTON / BENNETT  12 Sep 1912Webster Co, WV F54597
26 PUGH / BRYAN  25 Jun 1910Webster Co, WV F36781
27 RANDOLPH / BENEDUM  17 Aug 1895Webster Co, WV F40549
28 ROBINSON / BUTCHER  16 Dec 1917Webster Co, WV F26443
29 ROBY / LOSH  12 May 1911Webster Co, WV F6145
30 SELMAN / BRAGG  15 Sep 1907Webster Co, WV F32990
31 TENNY / BUTCHER  2 Mar 1905Webster Co, WV F26434
32 VANCE / COGAR  27 Jan 1903Webster Co, WV F46502
33 WAUGH / MURPHY  23 Mar 1924Webster Co, WV F35172
34 WOODDELL / MILLER  1899Webster Co, WV F50722