Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Wetzel Co, WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEY, Permila Belle  29 Oct 1862Wetzel Co, WV I111824
2 ALLISON, Robert  CA 1901Wetzel Co, WV I64514
3 AMOS, James Emory  Mar 1884Wetzel Co, WV I63144
4 ANDERSON, Lemuel Francis  Jun 1878Wetzel Co, WV I25817
5 ANDERSON, Sarah Estaline  CA 1871Wetzel Co, WV I127634
6 ANDERSON, Zona Madeline  9 Mar 1928Wetzel Co, WV I96091
7 ARNETT, Clara  1892Wetzel Co, WV I110163
8 ARNETT, Columbia C. "Campsy"  5 Mar 1881Wetzel Co, WV I36002
9 ARNETT, Grace  Dec 1898Wetzel Co, WV I115078
10 ARNETT, Inez Gertrude  15 Nov 1908Wetzel Co, WV I110037
11 ARNETT, Iva Lorene  26 Jun 1913Wetzel Co, WV I54529
12 ARNETT, James A.  CA 1869Wetzel Co, WV I63364
13 ARNETT, Salathiel "Lathe"  CA 1868Wetzel Co, WV I110164
14 ASH, Alma May  13 Dec 1916Wetzel Co, WV I100615
15 ASH, Edith "Eda"  Mar 1883Wetzel Co, WV I102178
16 ASH, Eva Virginia  25 May 1914Wetzel Co, WV I68959
17 ASH, Maggie D.  7 Oct 1887Wetzel Co, WV I77311
18 ASH, Riley W.  11 May 1911Wetzel Co, WV I110769
19 ASHCRAFT, Mary  22 Apr 1881Wetzel Co, WV I103296
20 BABEL, Martha Ellen  18 Jul 1872Wetzel Co, WV I107451
21 BARKER, Dewey Wesley  25 May 1899Wetzel Co, WV I75908
22 BARKER, Hattie Pearl  CA 1897Wetzel Co, WV I95639
23 BARKER, Mary Ann  11 Feb 1922Wetzel Co, WV I110777
24 BARR, James Elias  1884Wetzel Co, WV I127264
25 BARR, Maude M.  25 Mar 1900Wetzel Co, WV I62856
26 BARRETT, William P.  CA 1879Wetzel Co, WV I117130
27 BARRON, Beulah  CA 1900Wetzel Co, WV I37104
28 BATES, Ada  4 Jun 1893Wetzel Co, WV I106859
29 BATES, Alma E.  27 Oct 1902Wetzel Co, WV I112850
30 BATES, Artist Lee  Jun 1895Wetzel Co, WV I86430
31 BATES, Belle  Mar 1879Wetzel Co, WV I102175
32 BATES, Christopher Herbert "Crissie"  11 Mar 1898Wetzel Co, WV I112856
33 BATES, Elma J.  27 Oct 1902Wetzel Co, WV I112849
34 BATES, Guy Garfield  14 Mar 1900Wetzel Co, WV I117878
35 BATES, Mary Jane  1870Wetzel Co, WV I112632
36 BATES, Mildred  1915Wetzel Co, WV I114491
37 BATES, Oliver  CA 1871Wetzel Co, WV I120478
38 BATES, Timothy  CA 1879Wetzel Co, WV I102179
39 BATTON, Anna Louella  30 Jun 1885Wetzel Co, WV I87179
40 BEAVER, Bryan Graham  24 Feb 1903Wetzel Co, WV I112015
41 BEE, Bernard Lewis  14 Jun 1900Wetzel Co, WV I65249
42 BELCH, Dicie M.  1881Wetzel Co, WV I79984
43 BENNETT, Norma Lee  29 Feb 1932Wetzel Co, WV I42887
44 BEVERLIN, Clarence Lee  7 Oct 1900Wetzel Co, WV I103724
45 BEVERLIN, Elizabeth Jane  Dec 1867Wetzel Co, WV I80649
46 BEVERLIN, Okey Bert  25 Sep 1897Wetzel Co, WV I85218
47 BISSETT, John  CA 1904Wetzel Co, WV I36388
48 BLAKE, Friend Orean  8 Dec 1885Wetzel Co, WV I121930
49 BLAKE, Henry Scott  1880Wetzel Co, WV I99566
50 BLAKE, Mardulia Florence  Aug 1883Wetzel Co, WV I103153

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNETT, Clara  13 Mar 1966Wetzel Co, WV I110163
2 ASH, Myrtle O.  18 Oct 1908Wetzel Co, WV I112362
3 BARKER, Casander "Cassie"  10 Nov 1892Wetzel Co, WV I103227
4 BARR, Carl L.  24 Oct 1975Wetzel Co, WV I120699
5 BATES, Andrew "Andy"  26 Nov 1875Wetzel Co, WV I89165
6 BATES, Frederick Lee  10 Apr 1934Wetzel Co, WV I84698
7 BEVERLIN, Elizabeth Jane  26 Apr 1918Wetzel Co, WV I84094
8 BLAKE, Rachel Ann  31 Oct 1909Wetzel Co, WV I99570
9 BREWER, Ezra  Feb 1916Wetzel Co, WV I101133
10 BUCHANAN, Stephen  8 Dec 1885Wetzel Co, WV I115626
11 BURGESS, William Martin  25 Nov 1930Wetzel Co, WV I37036
12 BUTLER, Arminta Jane  25 Jun 1938Wetzel Co, WV I37041
13 CARROLL, Alcinda  24 Apr 1923Wetzel Co, WV I121754
14 CARROLL, Edward  7 Mar 1914Wetzel Co, WV I104839
15 CARROLL, Lawrence R.  5 Mar 1972Wetzel Co, WV I83297
16 CARSON, Benjamin E.  26 Jul 1907Wetzel Co, WV I86459
17 CLARK, Mary Elizabeth  6 Sep 1934Wetzel Co, WV I117320
18 DOTSON, Creed Collin  24 Jul 1933Wetzel Co, WV I91588
19 EDWARDS, Flossie Belle  14 Sep 1972Wetzel Co, WV I103741
20 FANKHAUSER, Marion Rollier  1978Wetzel Co, WV I120991
21 FERRELL, John F.  24 Jan 1911Wetzel Co, WV I89070
22 FLEMING, Virginia Frances  14 Mar 1954Wetzel Co, WV I44358
23 FLUHARTY, Matilda  13 May 1901Wetzel Co, WV I110169
24 GARNER, Rachel Evelyn  1 Dec 1930Wetzel Co, WV I37037
25 HART, Nancy Ann  18 May 1864Wetzel Co, WV I74989
26 HAUGHT, Jacob B.  24 Mar 1888Wetzel Co, WV I121750
27 HAUGHT, Levi  28 Apr 1924Wetzel Co, WV I121753
28 HAUGHT, William  1 Dec 1899Wetzel Co, WV I125160
29 HEADLEY, Sarah Ann  22 Jan 1907Wetzel Co, WV I105881
30 HIGHLEY, Abraham  1908Wetzel Co, WV I128223
31 HOSTUTLER, Christine  24 Sep 1898Wetzel Co, WV I124493
32 ICE, Frederick G.  31 Dec 1918Wetzel Co, WV I103775
33 LANCASTER, George Washington  6 Mar 1926Wetzel Co, WV I123965
34 LEASURE, Winfield  17 Aug 1924Wetzel Co, WV I117319
35 LEMASTERS, Benton Clark  16 Apr 1967Wetzel Co, WV I91764
36 LEWIN, Artie Macy  11 Feb 1971Wetzel Co, WV I119602
37 LEWIS, Charles B.  5 Nov 1935Wetzel Co, WV I62426
38 LYON, George W.  29 Jul 1924Wetzel Co, WV I101548
39 LYONS, James Ervin  15 May 1921Wetzel Co, WV I122407
40 MEREDITH, Absalom Pritchard  Nov 1904Wetzel Co, WV I98866
41 MILBURN, John H.  23 May 1866Wetzel Co, WV I90784
42 MORGAN, Jacob M.  20 Sep 1863Wetzel Co, WV I97955
43 MORGAN, Ora Washington  28 Apr 1959Wetzel Co, WV I123265
44 MOTT, Nina May  21 Dec 1980Wetzel Co, WV I120701
45 PRUNTY, Ida Irene  17 Jul 1984Wetzel Co, WV I96335
46 SATTERFIELD, Lucinda Jane  6 Jan 1877Wetzel Co, WV I123272
47 SECKMAN, Mary Belle  10 Nov 2005Wetzel Co, WV I51141
48 SHEARER, S.  15 Oct 1868Wetzel Co, WV I113266
49 SHREVE, George  13 Sep 1923Wetzel Co, WV I103749
50 SHREVE, Jefferson  2 Nov 1965Wetzel Co, WV I112630

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BURGESS, Bernard Burl  Wetzel Co, WV I37031
2 ICE, Frederick G.  COUNTY INFIRMARY CEMWetzel Co, WV I103775
3 SHEETS, Amy Dale  Wetzel Co, WV I33731


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Francis Marion  1863Wetzel Co, WV I103334
2 BEE, Bernard Lewis  1910, 1920Wetzel Co, WV I65249
3 BEE, Clara B.  1910, 1920Wetzel Co, WV I65251
4 BEE, Gladys M.  1910, 1920Wetzel Co, WV I65250
5 BEE, Lewis Townsend  1900, 1910, 1920Wetzel Co, WV I52502
6 BLAND, Harvey G.  1880Wetzel Co, WV I60342
7 BLAND, Henry H.  1880Wetzel Co, WV I60343
8 BREWER, Ida Sophia  1930Wetzel Co, WV I13476
9 BROWN, Rachel Jane  1910Wetzel Co, WV I41734
10 CHADDOCK, Nettie Elizabeth  1920Wetzel Co, WV I24710
11 DOTSON, Eliza E.  1910Wetzel Co, WV I103130
12 EDWARDS, Minerva A.  1900Wetzel Co, WV I62332
13 FRYE, Bonard Archie  1930Wetzel Co, WV I83881
14 GASTON, James Thomas  1870Wetzel Co, WV I61473
15 GASTON, John  1870Wetzel Co, WV I71148
16 GASTON, Sarah Elizabeth  1870Wetzel Co, WV I57189
17 GIFFORD, Mary Belle  1900, 1910, 1920Wetzel Co, WV I52503
18 GLENN, Amelia Mildred "Millie"  1880Wetzel Co, WV I116936
19 GREATHOUSE, Joseph Earl  1930Wetzel Co, WV I13475
20 GREATHOUSE, Ola June  1930Wetzel Co, WV I13474
21 GREGG, Charles Clarence  1920Wetzel Co, WV I62515
22 GREGG, Elbert Okey  1920Wetzel Co, WV I52149
23 GREGG, Orma  1920Wetzel Co, WV I62513
24 GREGG, Virginia D.  1920Wetzel Co, WV I62514
25 HAUGHT, John Wesley  1900Wetzel Co, WV I51114
26 HAUGHT, Samuel A.  1900Wetzel Co, WV I62331
27 LANGFITT, Bruce Benton  1910Wetzel Co, WV I56441
28 LANGFITT, Katherine M.  1910Wetzel Co, WV I56481
29 MORRIS, Frances Theodosia  1900Wetzel Co, WV I38411
30 MURPHY, Olive Ruby  1930Wetzel Co, WV I83910
31 NUTTER, Leslie Dale  1910Wetzel Co, WV I55041
32 NUTTER, Mary Virginia  1910Wetzel Co, WV I55040
33 NUTTER, Thomas Fairfield  1910Wetzel Co, WV I41733
34 PRICE, Alice  1920Wetzel Co, WV I24714
35 PRICE, Beatrice  1920Wetzel Co, WV I24712
36 PRICE, Bonnia  1920Wetzel Co, WV I52136
37 PRICE, Clarence  1920Wetzel Co, WV I24716
38 PRICE, Ella Mae "Poody"  1920Wetzel Co, WV I52148
39 PRICE, Michael  1920Wetzel Co, WV I24717
40 PRICE, Milroy  1920Wetzel Co, WV I52154
41 PRICE, Okey  1920Wetzel Co, WV I24718
42 PRICE, Walter Glen  1920Wetzel Co, WV I52150
43 PRICE, William A.  1920Wetzel Co, WV I24715
44 PRICE, William L.  1920Wetzel Co, WV I24709
45 RESECKER, Mary  1870Wetzel Co, WV I61474
46 RICHARDS, Arza S.  1910Wetzel Co, WV I103137
47 RICHARDS, Bessie  1910Wetzel Co, WV I103135
48 RICHARDS, Carl Clark  1910Wetzel Co, WV I103131
49 RICHARDS, Eva Blanch  1910Wetzel Co, WV I103136
50 RICHARDS, George L.  1910Wetzel Co, WV I110826

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Sarah Estaline  1886Wetzel Co, WV I127634
2 ARNETT, Salathiel "Lathe"  1890Wetzel Co, WV I110164
3 ARNETT, Salathiel "Lathe"  1890Wetzel Co, WV I110164
4 ASH, Edith "Eda"  1901Wetzel Co, WV I102178
5 ASH, Lora Mae  1935Wetzel Co, WV I22582
6 BAKER, Clara B.  1908Wetzel Co, WV I94341
7 BARKER, Anna A.  1889Wetzel Co, WV I100243
8 BARKER, Perry G.  1877Wetzel Co, WV I79939
9 BARKER, Samuel  1888Wetzel Co, WV I95519
10 BARRETT, William P.  1903Wetzel Co, WV I117130
11 BATES, Bertha Elizabeth  1897Wetzel Co, WV I84702
12 BATES, Fay E.  1915Wetzel Co, WV I114488
13 BATES, Frederick Lee  1890Wetzel Co, WV I84698
14 BATES, John Robert  1889Wetzel Co, WV I66336
15 BATES, Oliver  1893Wetzel Co, WV I120478
16 BATES, Tillman B.  1897Wetzel Co, WV I84700
17 BATES, Timothy  1901Wetzel Co, WV I102179
18 BEVERLIN, Elijah P.  1867Wetzel Co, WV I84082
19 BEVERLIN, Elijah P.  1906Wetzel Co, WV I84082
20 BEVERLIN, Elizabeth Jane  1887Wetzel Co, WV I80649
21 BLAKE, Mardulia Florence  1901Wetzel Co, WV I103153
22 BOOTH, Nancy  1863Wetzel Co, WV I103335
23 BURGE, W. Russell  1899Wetzel Co, WV I69103
24 CAIN, Anson M.  1894Wetzel Co, WV I103226
25 CAIN, Buena Vista  1917Wetzel Co, WV I102247
26 CAIN, Margery L. "Margie"  1935Wetzel Co, WV I99946
27 CARROLL, Charles  1910Wetzel Co, WV I104840
28 CARROLL, Cora F.  1899Wetzel Co, WV I98630
29 CARROLL, John Thomas  1914Wetzel Co, WV I97184
30 CARROLL, Virgil Charles  1901Wetzel Co, WV I90320
31 CARSON, John Emerson  1935Wetzel Co, WV I61773
32 CARSON, Josephus Ross "Joe"  1943Wetzel Co, WV I65771
33 CARSON, Roy Price  1942Wetzel Co, WV I23572
34 COEN, Harriet S.  1871Wetzel Co, WV I116003
35 COEN, Roberta Jane  1895Wetzel Co, WV I79205
36 COLLMAR, Myrtle Rosa  1907Wetzel Co, WV I96931
37 CROSS, Samuel  1886Wetzel Co, WV I127633
38 DAVIS, A. C.  1898Wetzel Co, WV I66650
39 DAVIS, Clarissa A.  1871Wetzel Co, WV I66181
40 DAVIS, Emily Jane  1913Wetzel Co, WV I63546
41 DAWSON, Johnathan H.  1891Wetzel Co, WV I117655
42 DENT, Silvia  1899Wetzel Co, WV I69104
43 DUNLAP, Mason Alexander  1904Wetzel Co, WV I80636
44 DYE, Oliver Chapman  1907Wetzel Co, WV I51230
45 EARL, Samuel I.  1886Wetzel Co, WV I123263
46 EDGELL, Arthur C.  1897Wetzel Co, WV I125639
47 EDGELL, Dollie Radus  1909Wetzel Co, WV I28012
48 EDGELL, Thomas Benjamin  1869Wetzel Co, WV I116954
49 EDGELL, William N.  1868Wetzel Co, WV I106337
50 EDWARDS, George Francis  1894Wetzel Co, WV I12311

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / CYPHERS  19 Oct 1909Wetzel Co, WV F51607
2 ARNETT / HICKMAN  15 Dec 1890Wetzel Co, WV F46373
3 ASH / STOUT  6 Dec 1908Wetzel Co, WV F23441
4 ASHCRAFT / BARKER  27 Nov 1889Wetzel Co, WV F41168
5 BABEL / NOBLE  30 Sep 1871Wetzel Co, WV F45010
6 BAKER / BOOTH  10 Dec 1863Wetzel Co, WV F43043
7 BARKER / WATKINS  1 Dec 1900Wetzel Co, WV F38727
8 BARR / BATES  17 Dec 1899Wetzel Co, WV F47266
9 BARR / BATES  22 Oct 1903Wetzel Co, WV F55369
10 BATES / ASH  16 Jun 1901Wetzel Co, WV F42553
11 BATES / BATES  13 Feb 1916Wetzel Co, WV F44704
12 BATES / BRUMAGE  7 Dec 1919Wetzel Co, WV F37073
13 BATES / SNODGRASS  15 May 1893Wetzel Co, WV F51712
14 BATES / STARKEY  20 Feb 1913Wetzel Co, WV F48585
15 BATES / WINES  29 May 1919Wetzel Co, WV F47731
16 BATES / WYATT  12 Apr 1894Wetzel Co, WV F47726
17 BATES / YOUNG  6 Mar 1890Wetzel Co, WV F44731
18 BEVERLIN / SHREVE  Jan 1867Wetzel Co, WV F35963
19 BRAGGS / WELCH  3 Aug 1914Wetzel Co, WV F52277
20 BRITTON / MILBURN  7 Oct 1869Wetzel Co, WV F39010
21 BROADWATER / HAUGHT  Wetzel Co, WV F13169
22 BURGE / DENT  3 Dec 1899Wetzel Co, WV F29122
23 BURGE / RICHARDS  1912Wetzel Co, WV F55820
24 CAMPBELL / MYERS  10 Mar 1918Wetzel Co, WV F49338
25 CARROLL / LOWE  30 Jun 1901Wetzel Co, WV F38802
26 CARSON / HAWKINS  1873Wetzel Co, WV F37081
27 CAVALIER / POSTLETHWAIT  25 Aug 1901Wetzel Co, WV F50983
28 COSGRAY / BRITTON  4 Oct 1890Wetzel Co, WV F39013
29 CROSS / ANDERSON  24 Apr 1886Wetzel Co, WV F55574
30 CURTIS / MALSON  1905Wetzel Co, WV F44955
31 DAVIS / HIGGINBOTHAM  1967Wetzel Co, WV F52169
32 DAVIS / MCINTIRE  4 Aug 1898Wetzel Co, WV F27990
33 DAVISSON / NICHOLSON  18 Nov 1896Wetzel Co, WV F25234
34 DAWSON / ICE  1867Wetzel Co, WV F50218
35 DAWSON / STARKEY  17 Jan 1886Wetzel Co, WV F46193
36 DELANEY / SLIDER  1905Wetzel Co, WV F48383
37 DUNLAP / BROCK  27 Nov 1904Wetzel Co, WV F35548
38 DYE / COLLMAR  2 Jun 1907Wetzel Co, WV F5032
39 DYE / WILLIAMS  1947Wetzel Co, WV F46022
40 EARL / MORGAN  28 Mar 1886Wetzel Co, WV F53214
41 EBERT / OXIER  1946Wetzel Co, WV F49697
42 EDGELL / BATES  9 Aug 1897Wetzel Co, WV F54512
43 EDGELL / SWIGER  25 Jun 1908Wetzel Co, WV F34142
44 EDWARDS / HEADLEY  28 Nov 1894Wetzel Co, WV F17171
45 ENSMINGER / MICK  1909Wetzel Co, WV F55019
46 EXLINE / CUNNINGHAM  1934Wetzel Co, WV F46521
47 FLAHERTY / LOUDENSLAGER  16 Apr 1907Wetzel Co, WV F18836
48 FLUHARTY / HAUGHT  7 Jul 1917Wetzel Co, WV F36355
49 FLUHARTY / STEELE  26 Mar 1868Wetzel Co, WV F53655
50 FREELAND / GLASPELL  17 Jan 1886Wetzel Co, WV F31290

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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 SHREVE / ASH  1939Wetzel Co, WV F43218