Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Lelia Iowa  23 Mar 1905Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I126935
2 ASH, Willie Carl  3 Feb 1893Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I36308
3 BARNES, Erna Riffey  1 Sep 1888Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I89349
4 BARNES, Ray  4 Mar 1887Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I89348
5 BEE, Alvivia  20 Oct 1877Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I21645
6 BROWN, Thomas William  8 Jul 1896Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I57134
7 BURTON, Georgia A.  12 Sep 1889Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I108416
8 CASEY, Grace Mae  20 Sep 1898Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I16831
9 CASEY, Guy Fillmore  19 Nov 1892Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I93290
10 CASEY, Iva Blanche  2 Jan 1905Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I98035
11 CAVINS, Charles Leonard  12 Feb 1893Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I79185
12 CHAPMAN, Arthur Vance  8 Feb 1896Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I53384
13 FLINT, Jesse Randolph  7 Nov 1889Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I100305
14 FREEMAN, Arthur H.  9 Feb 1885Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I79416
15 FREEMAN, Charles Jerry  22 Jan 1897Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I79414
16 FREEMAN, Leah Ginevra  6 Jul 1871Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I76631
17 FREEMAN, Nathan A.  13 Apr 1896Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I118720
18 FREEMAN, William Blaine  18 Sep 1891Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I76628
19 GULLEY, Howard Goff  10 Jun 1891Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I76627
20 HUGHES, James Harrison  12 Aug 1888Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I81693
21 RICHARDS, Ethel Nora  13 Jun 1900Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I59356
22 RIGGS, Martha Alice  8 Jul 1887Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I120597
23 ROMINE, Patricia Ann  16 Aug 1936Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I76740
24 ROSS, Josie Frances  31 Jul 1895Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I22998
25 STEELE, Curt  17 Sep 1891Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I127883
26 STOUT, Guy W.  30 Sep 1895Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I42094
27 STUTLER, (Infant male)  19 Feb 1897Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I127794
28 STUTLER, Martin Isaac  3 Jun 1892Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I81090
29 VANSCOY, James Edward  2 Jun 1919Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I77748


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FREEMAN, Mary Ellen  10 Sep 1894Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I58579
2 RANDOLPH, Mary Fitz  23 Apr 1899Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I100291
3 STEELE, Flora V.  Aug 1887Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I60832
4 STICKLE, Jacob I.  30 Dec 1889Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I37005
5 STUTLER, (Infant male)  19 Feb 1897Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I127794


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BARNES, Richard Lambert  1890Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I47314
2 KNIGHT, Garnet Ruby Bernice  2006Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I22985
3 MERRYMAN, Vincent C.  1890Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV I49778


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUFF / FREEMAN  18 Nov 1887Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV F40377
2 STARK / SUTTON  12 Oct 1899Zinnia, Doddridge Co, WV F41859