Doddridge County Roots
For the most part, the information in our genealogies was obtained from publicly
available sources.  Examples include obituaries and newspaper articles; wedding
and birth announcements in newspapers; birth, death and marriage records on file
at county courthouses; and various resources available at public libraries.  Despite
the public nature of its origins, the compilation and publication of such information
with respect to living persons has been the subject of much spirited discussion
within the genealogical community, with opinions ranging to both extremes.

Out of respect for those who hold the more conservative views, we have opted to
conform to that position as much as possible and to exclude all details regarding
living persons.

The nature of a large genealogy collection, however, is such that it is impossible to
always know the current status (i.e., living or deceased) of people in far-flung
branches of the tree.  Thus, it sometimes happens that someone long deceased
is presented as though possibly still living.  This holds true for all generations,
simply for lack of a death date, and can be quite upsetting to a close family
member who comes across it.

To avoid such pitfalls but still respect the privacy of living persons, we have taken
the following approach:

The policy of the U.S. government regarding personal information contained in
Census data is to wait 72 years before making it public.  We have taken it one step
further and attempted, as much as the screening mechanism of the software
allows, to exclude details regarding all living persons under the age of 80.  Such
persons for whom we have a birthdate will be identified simply as "Living," while
those for whom we do not have a birthdate will be identified only by their names,
and nothing more. This is actually less information than is published in obituaries
and wedding announcements when listing other family members.

We do respect your privacy and hope that you recognize our efforts in that regard.
Our Privacy Policy
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We respect your privacy
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